Donating Towards Presque Isle Education

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation (TRECF) is the Auto Express and JET/FOX/YourErie “Loving Giving Local” nonprofit of the week!

The Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation (TRECF) plays a critical role in raising funds for the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, DCNR/Presque Isle, educators, researchers, and partners of the TREC. TREC is an educational center dedicated to teaching visitors about the unique 3,200 acres of Presque Isle and the many different forms of life that inhabit the peninsula. TREC also serves as a center for research — contributing to conservation efforts and promoting environmental awareness, helping to preserve the unparalleled beauty of Presque Isle and Lake Erie, the site of Pennsylvania’s only seashore.

From 2007 to 2019, the foundation provided over $517,888 in grant money to its environmental partners, K-12 schools throughout the region, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for TREC and Presque Isle. The foundation has provided grants through the IU-5 and school districts throughout the region so that K-12 students have the TREC Experience, a STEAM-focused educational experience. 

From 2007 to 2019, there were 26,642 students who participated in the program. The focus has been education, research, and the visitor experience; researching and teaching about the eco-systems, flora, and fauna of the unique 3,200 acres of Presque Isle State Park and Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes.

Next year, the TREC will celebrate its 15th year and Presque Isle State Park its 100th anniversary.

According to Barbara Chaffee at TREC, the center is one of the only local museums that is free to the public. She said this donation will stay local and go to great use during these times.

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