Announcing Digital Video Vehicle Inspections at Auto Express Mazda

Auto Express Mazda Service Technicians Now Offer Digital Video Inspections.

Ever wonder what goes on in the service center while you’re waiting for your vehicle in the dealership? What are the technicians doing? What does it really look like under the hood?

Visit the trustworthy and transparent technicians, at Auto Express Mazda on the corner of Peach and Liberty Streets!

Our technicians record a multi-point video inspection of your vehicle. Then, they text or email it to you – BEFORE any work is performed. That way, you will see exactly what the technician sees. You will know exactly what needs to be done, and how urgent it is… so you can rest assured we have your best interests in mind.

What’s more, everything can be done through your smartphone. You can even book appointments, view estimates, and make payments there, too.

Auto Express Mazda is a Digitally Certified Dealer. That means, when you bring your vehicle to the Auto Express Mazda Service Center, we utilize digital technology to put you in control of your Auto Experience. It enables us to bring you the safest, most-trustworthy and transparent “auto experience” possible.  Check out Mazda Digital Service today!  Schedule your appointment today!

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