The customers from Auto Express Kia in Erie, PA are sharing some great experiences!

  “My Auto Express Super Story…I am recently retired and was looking to switch from a sedan to an SUV. I wanted AWD for Erie winters and a car that would be dependable as well as good looking.  My Sportage is all that.”  Another has this to say:  “I bought a Pre-Owned Kia from Auto Express. The best part of my ‘Auto Experience’ was leaving the lot knowing I got a great used vehicle at a fair price. It’s great on gas, size, and traveling… it’s been really good to me. Had an engine recall that was taken care of in the 1st year I bought the car…all was replaced at no cost to me.”  Wow!  So many good things about Auto Express Kia!   “We bought a new Kia Sportage at Auto Express. It’s reliable for my wife and kids. The best part of my ‘Auto Experience’ was how I was treated. It was a laid-back experience and I did not feel pressured at all. The salesman was helpful, without being pushy.”…and…“The best part of my ‘Auto Experience’ was….Feeling valued as a customer.”  If you haven’t visited Auto Express Kia yet, you are missing out!  9090 Peach St. in Waterford!

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