Auto Express Kia customers are very satisfied with the no-nonsense experience when shopping for their vehicles.

“The people there are very courteous.  It was a laid back experience and I did not feel pressured at all.”…and… “My wife watched the advertisements… we needed a new vehicle… We told the salesman what we were looking to do, he showed us a 2013 Kia …very low mileage, well-kept. We took it for a test drive. Was real happy with it. Bought it, and we are still super happy with it. The main transaction was easy. Everyone was great… worked with me on a deal that satisfied both of us.”  Here are a few more great testimonials from satisfied customers!    “Went to Auto Express after I researched online info including the Kia website and consumer reporting agencies. No pressure from the salesman. We had done our research and knew what we wanted so the condition of the vehicles and pricing were the factors that mattered at that point. So the salesman was helpful, informative and that was what sold the car. We love the 2016 Kia . it runs well in all weather, is comfortable to ride in and gets good mileage.” …and… “Salesman Rodney was excellent. From the time he found us on the lot until we left, if we needed anything he was there… Overall a great place to shop for vehicles.”  Come visit Auto Express Kia, 9090 Peach St. in Waterford!

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