Congratulations to Visiting Nurses Association of Erie County, Loving Giving Local

This week’s Loving Giving Local award goes to a non-profit that deals with the often painful subject of end of life care.

Here is more on this week’s Loving Giving Local winner, the Visiting Nurses Association of Erie County.

Caring for an ailing loved one near the end of days can bring a lot of stress, not only to the patient but also the family members looking to ease that loved ones suffering.

Add the fears of COVID-19 infections in a facility setting to that mix and you find more and more families looking to care for those loved ones in a home.

That’s where the Visiting Nurses Hospice Care Program comes in.

“You have family at bedside you don’t have limitations on family members who can be there with loved ones and with the extra support of our team they are able to step back and be the family while we assist the caregiver staff member in the home,” said Karen Dorman from Visiting Nurses Hospice.

Some families however can’t afford that support at such a critical time.

The Loving Giving Local donation of $250 means a lot not only to a family that will use the money, but the program’s sponsor as well.

“To know that this $250 award will help, will go to a family who maybe can’t afford the health care is pretty powerful to me,” said Joe Askins, Sponsor from Auto Express.

A small step that can have a big impact.

“If somebody is willing to give a little bit of support and love and concern, it can make a magnificent difference,” said Harry Jones, Visiting Nurses Association Hospice.

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