Hailey Schwenk, Auto Express and JET/FOX/YourErie “Good Kid” of the Week

Having a heart of gold and always willing to help anyone in need is what makes Hailey Schwenk this week’s Good Kid.

From mowing grass to carrying in groceries and taking out the garbage, Hailey is always there to lend a helping hand.

Schwenk is an eighth grader at West Lake Middle School. What makes Schwenk so special is that she is always willing to help people who are not able to do things on their own.

These tasks involve things such as mowing grass, carrying in groceries and taking out the garbage just to name a few.

“There are some people out there that don’t like helping people, so if you take on the attitude like I do, you can be inspired by me and helping people like to see where they get,” said Hailey Schwenk, This Week’s Good Kid.

Schwenk is there to help new neighbors move into their mobile homes. She said that she really enjoys doing that.

“We get to know them and give a welcome to new people moving in,” said Schwenk.

The help does not stop there. Schwenk’s aunt said that Hailey is always there to help her as well. She said that her entire family can’t be more proud of Hailey.

“She is always there to help out when someone needs help. She’s always there to help me. Whenever I need her, she’s there. She helps her neighbors in the park area. If anyone needs her she’s right there to help,” said Kim Dixon, Hailey’s Aunt.

For being selected as this week’s Good Kid, Schwenk receives a $50 check from Auto Express Kia and JET 24.

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