Alyana Oblinski, Auto Express and JET/FOX/YourErie “Good Kid” of the Week

At only eight-years-old, this week’s Good Kid is already looking after people who may not have all the good things in life.

Alyana Oblinski’s generosity is what made her this week’s Good Kid.

They said “oh you are such a sweet child.”

It’s not bragging if it’s true, and that pretty much describes eight-year-old Alyana Oblinski.

Alyana was saving her money for a brand new swing set for her back yard, but her mom said that one day she came to her with a change of plans.

“She said I want to donate the money. I said what are you talking about,” said Kristen Kento, Alyana’s Mother.

Alyana was talking about something that a lot of eight-year-old kids don’t even think about.

“She said I’m going to donate to a place where people don’t have homes,” said Kento.

Alyana set out to raise even more money. She raised another $400 in one month for the Erie City Mission.

Alyana raised this money by selling lemonade and different crafts that she made.

“Children need stuff like we do. We can be nice and change the world,” said Alyana Oblinski, This Week’s Good Kid.

Alyana took the money to the City Mission where it was greatly appreciated and will be put to good use.

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